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Welcome to The Actor's Guild community, maintained by local mods, dancing_author and fraish11. Joining this community will allow you to post to our journal.

We are simply here to join together Thespians and troubadours together under one roof. We offer help to all who ask it.

Any pictures posted in the journal must be under a livejournal cut. For help learning these, please refer to the Livejournal FAQ.

Please, only post questions, comments, or otherwise pertaining to the theatre, movies, musicals, and likewise.

If you ever have a question that you think deserves a personal response from either of the mods, please e-mail: The Actor's Guild Moderators

Please try to follow these rules:

1. Any posting must be related to the theatre and/or stage.
2. Profanity is okay. If anybody reports to me, however, that there is an excess of swearing, I shall personally deal with it.
3. Any pictures must be posted behind a livejournal cut. For help in doing these, please refer to the Livejournal FAQ found on the sidebar of livejournal's main screen.
4. Newbie posts are okay, just as long as it only happens once!
5. Posting quizzes/surveys are also okay, as long as the quiz stirictly pertains to movies/music/theatre.
6. Please do NOT post adverts for other communities in the journal, unless pre-approved by the moderator. Click here to send Kendra an e-mail.

If you have any movies, musicals, actors, etceteras that you would like to add to our interests, please, e-mail us.

Thank you!